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Meet The Crew

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“I’ve known Michelle since I was 12. She is the most knowledgeable singing teacher I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, not to mention her gorgeous personality and sheer love for teaching. She has such a knack for identifying people’s voice types and helping them keep their uniqueness in singing whilst making sure their singing is technically correct. This is so rare. Michelle is truly an unbelievable vocal coach and has passed on the same values and abilities to the team around her. I couldn’t recommend Aria more highly if I tried.”

Sarah AaronsGrammy Nominated Song Writer

Michelle De Jong

Founder / Vocal Coach

Michelle is the founder of Aria Vocal Academy, and oversees the day to day running of the academy. After graduating from The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, Michelle dived straight into vocal coaching, and now with 20 years of teaching experience, Michelle specializes in vocal health and technique, and has a special knack of being able to hear exactly what each student needs. If you are struggling with your technique, and don’t quite know how to feel vocal ease whilst singing, Michelle is the person to go to!

Caitlin D'Souza

Vocal Coach

Caitlin D’Souza is both a singer and a songwriter with a unique flair that was curated by the genres of jazz, gospel, soul, folk and pop. Her passion for blending various genres to create unique sounds makes her the perfect coach to help students create their own style tailored to their strengths.

With her experience in songwriting she looks forward to getting to know students of all walks of life and showing them how they can turn life experiences into a melody, verse and chorus. The building blocks of songwriting.

If you’re an aspiring singer songwriter, wanting to better enhance your skills, get in touch, we’re here to help inspire!

Aaron Hayward

Vocal Coach

With 10 years of live performance experience, Aaron has a profound appreciation for music and all of its intricacies.

What sets him apart? Aaron tailors his lessons to resonate with each student's unique vocal journey, encouraging exploration and vocal authenticity, whilst being committed to their individual growth.

Aaron's holistic approach to vocal development emphasizes both technique and emotional connection. He brings along with him a fresh and adaptive approach to music and is always eager to experiment and innovate.

Melody Kin

Vocal Coach

Currently studying a Bachelor of Music at Monash University, Melody has been singing all her life, being heavily influenced by jazz and blues singers in her musically talented family. With interests in all genres of music, she is enthusiastic about voice coaching, no matter the style! Her experiences in performing and songwriting have helped her to overcome challenges and she is passionate about sharing that knowledge with her students. Melody focuses on embracing uniqueness and individuality in each aspiring singer to help them to evolve and flourish as an artist.

Tom Lindsay

Vocal / Instrument / Music Theory

Currently studying a double degree of Music and Arts at Monash University, Tom has been playing music since the age of 5. Whilst maintaining guitar as his primary instrument, Tom is also an accomplished singer and drummer.

Johanna Ohlson

Vocal Coach

Jo is an accomplished singer, being a 3 times Australian A Capella Champion, and achieving an impressive 99% in her VCE Music Performance Exam.

Jo’s passion for music is contagious, and she is eager to share her love for singing with her students. Her dedication to teaching is evident in her approach, as she takes the time to understand each student’s unique needs and learning style. She is committed to creating a positive and supportive learning environment where students can thrive.