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Aria Vocal Academy offer lessons to all wanting to take them! Of all ages, and of all levels. Our aim is to provide a “safe space” for everyone.

We have teachers that specialise in vocal health, the psychology behind singing, artist development and emotional connections with singing, with each teacher having a very strong foundation in technique. We understand that all students have their strengths and individual goals, so we try to match up each student with the right teacher to get the most out of their lessons.

At Aria, we strongly believe that performing and gigging is a big part of an artist’s development, so offer monthly performance opportunities for anyone wanting to get involved. We are very lucky to have teamed up with some of Melbourne’s best venues, allowing students to gain exposure and experience all over town. With all of our teachers regularly gigging around Melbourne, we can lead students in the right direction to get themselves out there.




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Michelle De Jong
Michelle De Jong
Founder / Vocal Coach

Michelle is the founder of Aria Vocal Academy, and oversees the day to day running of the academy. After graduating from The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, Michelle dived straight into vocal coaching, and now with over 15 years of teaching experience, Michelle specialises in vocal health and technique, and has a special knack of being able to hear exactly what each student needs. If you are struggling with your technique, and don’t quite know how to feel vocal ease whilst singing, Michelle is the person to go to!

Chanelle A
Chanelle A
Principal Vocal Coach

We are lucky enough to have a “singing psychologist” on our team! Chanelle is a registered psychologist with a Masters in Clinical Psychology, and has over 15 years of experience in the music industry. She combines these 2 passions to focus on the psychology behind singing, and performing. Specifically, Chanelle works with students to help manage their anxiety and nerves associated with performing, as well as coping with criticism.

Olivia Escuyos
Olivia Escuyos
Vocal Coach

Olivia has been internationally recognised for her YouTube videos and songs, and has been raised with some of the biggest people within the music industry. We are very fortunate to have Olivia as apart of our Aria Vocal Academy crew as a vocal coach and artist mentor. Olivia focuses on emotional connection, performance technique and artist development.

Ruby James
Ruby James

If you’ve attended one of our Student Gig Nights, you would be familiar with this curly haired beauty! Ruby is the face of our events, and ensures that everything is running smoothly.

Belle Bangard
Belle Bangard
Vocal Coach

Belle is a Jazz Voice Music Performance Graduate of Monash University, and has been fortunate enough to have previously performed with many esteemed artists, recognised both internationally and within Australia. For Belle, the most important part of singing is being able to show your personality through your music. With this in mind, this singer/songwriter is taking on the Melbourne music scene with the utmost sass that is sure to feed your soul! Belle has a passion for educating singers exploring many genres, but particularly RnB, Jazz, Pop, and Gospel Music.

Melody Kin
Melody Kin
Vocal Coach

Melody has been singing all her life, being heavily influenced by jazz and blues singers in her musically talented family. With interests in all genres of music, she is enthusiastic about voice coaching, no matter the style! Her experiences in performing and songwriting have helped her to overcome challenges and she is passionate about sharing that knowledge with her students. Melody focuses on embracing uniqueness and individuality in each aspiring singer to help them to evolve and flourish as an artist.

RMR Productions
RMR Productions

We have teamed up with the talented people at RMR Productions, for all your music and video production, and photography needs!

RMR work closely with our Aria students, and offer special discounted rates for all current students.

For all of their work, please click on the link below:

Corey Mills
Corey Mills
Drum Coach

Corey has been playing for 18 years, and teaching for 10. As one of Melbourne’s most favored drummers, Corey has played with a list full of Australian royalty.
Corey creates an array of sounds, textures and rhythms that take you through different cultures, ages, moods and styles.
A destined musician, Corey has toured nationally and recorded in the genres of rock, pop, RnB, reggae, jazz, Latin, classical, theatre and original improve works.


We take our students to gig around the whole of Melbourne. Past event venues include the Beer DeLuxe Federation Square, Newmarket Hotel St.Kilda, Imperial Hotel Rooftop Melbourne, Aria Bar Docklands, and many many more!



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