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At Aria Vocal Academy, we take a person-centred approach to artistry. This involves working with each student to develop their personalised goals for their singing, and or music. Whether that is to write, record, perform or to develop their unique tone, Aria Vocal Academy is passionate about helping you evolve as your own artist.

Our services include:

  • Private singing tuition
  • Group singing tuition
  • Vocal, recording and performance workshops
  • Performance Nights
  • Guitar and keyboard tuition
  • Songwriting classes

At Aria Vocal Academy we are aware that all students are unique in their singing styles, genre, and learning styles. For these reasons, we cater the lessons to the student. We carefully match each student to one of our passionate, experienced and highly trained teachers depending on their individual needs and goals, where we focus on not only developing the technical elements of singing, including tone, range, control, flexibility and breathing, but also emphasise the more underlying importance of singing and music, to be used as a medium of emotional expression. We do this by empowering students to explore their creativity, originality and passion at a deeper emotional level. Our philosophy is to balance the teaching of effective vocal techniques, with an emphasis on understanding how to use the voice as a means of emotional expression.

Aria Vocal Academy's multidimensional approach to teaching has made us one of the premier contemporary singing schools in Melbourne. We are passionate and committed to helping you unlock your full potential, discover and develop your vocal talent, and reach your artistry goals.


Student Development

At Aria Vocal Academy we focus on individual student development.


What we teach

Aria Vocal Academy specialises in contemporary singing. Our emphasis is on individuality, creativity and uniqueness, which means that you can decide on what type of artist you would like to become.


What we offer

Aria Vocal Academy is more than just a vocal tuition school. We focus on the artist as a whole, providing Student Gig Nights, guitar lessons, keyboard lessons and songwriting classes, as well as performance and recording workshops.


Art of performances

To develop you as an artist, we provide performance opportunities for all students. Now it is your time to shine! Our regular performance nights give you the opportunity to transfer what you have learnt in class, to the stage, and take your craft to the next level. We want to give you the opportunity to showcase your talents and efforts to family and friends.


Mastering your art

We value innovation and creativity and offer a platform for students to undertake songwriting and recording sessions for their original songs.



Private singing tuition

One-on-one contemporary singing classes for students of all levels (Beginner to Advanced) and styles. Lessons focus on vocal exercises to develop vocal technique, as well as exercises to promote creativity and originality.

Group Singing tuition

Group singing classes are effective in improving the voice, student confidence and performance, as well as helping students develop new ideas by listening and interacting with other students. The classes provide a supportive and enjoyable environment for students to learn and we endeavour to ensure that each student is matched into a class of similar age and skill level.

Specialised workshops

A variety of workshops are provided for students to further learn skills that will aid in creating a well-rounded artist. Workshops include:

  • Vocal Master classes
  • Songwriting workshops
  • Vocal Health / Technique
  • Exploring originality and creativity.
  • Performance
  • Guitar/Keyboard Lessons


Gig Nights

Aria Vocal Academy recognises the importance of staging your craft. Our regular Gig Nights give students the opportunity to perform in a relaxed, supportive and encouraging environment in front of family and friends.


Once you are ready to master your art, Aria Vocal Academy is equipped with high quality recording equipment, which students are able to hire out to record their original songs and covers. The studio is designed with special attention to its aesthetics and lighting, to encourage students to utilise the space to record videos for their websites, YouTube channels, and online auditions.



Other Extras we offer at Aria Vocal Academy.


Instrumental Tuition

Our school values the importance of using instruments to further develop your artistry and creativity. We provide guitar (acoustic/electric) lessons, as well as keyboard lessons, with the use of high quality state of the art equipment, including instrumental brands such as Nord, Korg, Maton, Fender and many more.



Aria Vocal Academy's Vocal Health, Performing, Recording and Songwriting workshops are open to students of all ages and skill levels. These provide students with the opportunity to increase their theoretical knowledge of music, and allow students to apply this knowledge to develop their skills as an artist.


Audition Preparation

Here at Aria Vocal Academy our teachers are well equipped at preparing you for your upcoming singing and performing auditions. Whether it be for musical theatre auditions, talent shows or tv shows like ‘The Voice’ and ‘X Factor’, we are committed to helping you stand out from the crowd and ‘wow’ the judges.


Our school invites students to become part of a thriving musical community.

We believe that there’s more to a student’s development than a weekly lesson. Our workshops, concerts and gigs are designed to broaden musical knowledge and allow students to meet in a relaxed setting. To book, please click on any of the events below.

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